My Podcast Interviews

Over the years, I’ve been privileged to be invited as a guest on several podcasts. Here’s a selection of them, for your listening pleasure:

  1. Stories for the Future, How to Build a Career that will Change the World, August 2022
  2. The Sabbatical Project, A Social Entrepreneur Uses his Sabbatical to Transition, June 2022
  3. Collaboration Beyond the Buzzword, The New Reason to Work, March 2022
  4. Boardroom Banter, Building Careers that will Change the World, March 2022
  5. Conspiracy of Goodness, Make a Living or Make a Difference? You Don’t Have to Choose, February 2022
  6. Inspire Someone Today, The New Reason to Work, February 2022
  7. The Brand Called You, Pursuing Social Impact as my Career, January 2022
  8. Harvard Alumni in Education: The Spaces Between Us, Hope for the Future of Work with Roshan Paul, December 2021
  9. NSOJ Tannoy, The New Reason to Work: How to Build a Career that will Change the World, December 2021
  10. Author Hour, The New Reason to Work, December 2021
  11. RE-IGNITED, How Can We Create Purposeful and Fulfilling Careers, March 2021
  12. NSOJ Tannoy, The Ten Year Journey: Roshan Paul and Amani’s Efforts at Solving Global Social Problems, January 2021
  13. One Step Forward, Training social entrepreneurs in emerging markets, April 2019
  14. Finding Impact, Teaching the Skills to Make a Difference, May 2017
  15. Innov8 Social’s The Impact Podcast, Meet Amani Institute, Higher Education for Social Impact, October 2016
  16. University for Peace, Ashoka and Social Entrepreneurship, October 2010
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