My Stanford Social Innovation Review series

I’ve collaborated with the Stanford Social Innovation Review to write a series of articles about our work in social innovation education. Here is the list of articles I wrote or co-wrote as part of the series. This is some of my personal favorite work ever!

1. Social Change and the Shadow Side of Passion – find out what we mean by the ‘Wound-Gift Concept’. January 2014

2. Seven Elements of Social Innovation – our social innovation framework that underpins our training and education model. March 2014

3. Looking to Nature for Social Innovation – seeing nature as a guide and mentor towards improving our capacity to be innovators. June 2014

4. From Motivated Professional to Social Changemaker – 15 insights on leadership and transition from the frontlines of professional education. August 2014

5. World Literature on Social Innovation – A Quest – a new book makes an important contribution to a field screaming out for diversity—but may also illustrate why there isn’t more diversity. September 2014

6. The Inner Journey of the Changemaker – How we manage ourselves and empathize with others are as important as professional management skills in creating social impact. November 2015

7. Decelerate to Accelerate – Sometimes the fastest way forward may be to slow down. January 2015

8. Schools Aren’t Just Buildings – Why innovation in education is about a lot more than just building schools. July 2015

Check them out and share your thoughts!  And do share it with anyone you think might be interested!

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Interviewed on Forbes: “How To Find A Good Job In Social Innovation?”

In December 2015, I was interviewed on Forbes for an article on finding good jobs in social innovation, with an emphasis on emerging markets and our work at Amani Institute.

You can read the interview here. Please do check it out!

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Choose a Career of Courage

In May 2015, I was honored to give the Commencement Speech to the graduate schools (the schools of business, education & leadership, arts & sciences, peace, and nursing) at the University of San Diego. Watch it here:

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The Best Thing We Can Do For Entrepreneurs

On LinkedIn, I argued that the best thing we can do for entrepreneurs, for all of us in the business of somehow supporting them, is to actually help them build their teams, and find better talent. In other words, find more intrapreneurs.

Please click here to read the whole article.


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How to Find a Job in the 21st Century

Find out how job-hunting in the 21st century is a lot like dating, and how most people tend to do it badly. My article for the Skoll World Forum blog called “How to Find a Job in the 21st Century“.


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Redefining Both Vacation and Work – My Three Weeks in Bali

At the end of 2014 and start of 2015, I spent 3 weeks in Bali, which led to some insights about the nature of both vacation and work for entrepreneurs in the 21st century – and how I started to think differently about them.

Please click here to read the whole article

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Crossing Boundaries: How Diverse Educational Institutions Are Collaborating for Impact

In October 2014, I was a delegate at the prestigious Opportunity Collaboration annual un-conference in Ixtapa, Mexico. I came away impressed at the potential and appetite for collaboration amongst so many of the organizations that are leading the way in educational innovation today. My reflections on this were published in the Skoll World Forum blog.

Please click here to read the whole article.

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